Tips for Choosing an Online Store So You Don’t Get Deceived

Online shopping has now become a daily activity. Some people choose online shopping because it is considered easier, more practical, and safer.

Indonesia itself has a variety of marketplaces that are the users’ choice for online shopping. The marketplace has various kinds of shops with various kinds of products offered.

Even though the marketplace has become transaction security, you still have to be careful in choosing a store when shopping online.

Here are some tips for choosing a safe and trusted marketplace store so you don’t get fooled.

1. Check product reviews

Every product that is sold from an online store will provide a review column or product review for its customers to give opinions about the product they have purchased.

Before buying a product, it is better to first look at the product reviews. So that we know the product is good or not.

2. Look at the seller’s reputation

Stores in the marketplace have seller reputation listed on the store profile. Before shopping at the store, you can do a number of checks, such as making sure the store is active or not, the length of the store’s lifespan, until when was the last online chat.

3. heck store ratings

Store ratings are usually the result of customer ratings that have purchased and used one of the products from that store. This store’s rating is represented by a 1-5 rating plus a star icon.

Summarized from How Stuff Works, Monday (4/4) the more and higher the star rating a user gets, the better the store’s reputation will be. Store ratings can also strengthen customer image and trust.

4. Buyer testimonials

If you are still unsure about the product you want to buy, you can ask fellow buyers directly who have reviewed the product at the store.

Generally, every marketplace has a chat feature that users can use to connect with sellers and other buyers.

5. Cheap is not necessarily safe

Low prices are very attractive. However, it should be noted that the product price is too cheap is also questionable. It could be a fictitious product, lacking in quality, or not according to the description and conditions.

To make it safer to choose an online store in the marketplace, you can compare prices for similar products with other online shops.

6. View product description

A trusted store will provide a complete and detailed product description. The seller will explain in detail starting from the size, variant, to how to use it.

Conversely, if the product details are incomplete and seem carelessly written, you can make sure to check it again. If you feel unsure, you can choose another, more trusted seller.

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